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UPDATE (July 29, 2010): Gospel Library app (beta) now available for Blackberry!

Finally, there is a decent option for getting the scriptures on your Blackberry. The church has made available its gospel library app for Blackberry devices. It is far simpler to install than the options below. It will also sync your notes and highlights with the online scriptures in the future. Get the download link and more information at the Gospel Library Application page.

The instructions below are still valid, but we think the Gospel Library App is the way to go.

This is the best option we have found for LDS Scriptures on the BlackBerry. It is not even close to the iPhone or iPod Touch options, but it is something. So here’s how to get the LDS scriptures and other LDS gospel library content for your Blackberry using the free MobiPocket reader BlackBerry application.

First install the free MobiPocket reader on your BlackBerry by browsing to on your BlackBerry internet browser.

Next you have the option to buy LDS content or download the LDS scriptures and other content for free:

  1. Buy: Run MobiPocket on your BlackBerry and use the eBookstore store to buy and download the LDS scriptures and other LDS library content. Several options are available. Search for “LDS.” Or check out LDS Book Club (MobiPocket Bookstore).
  2. Free: Download the free LDS scriptures to your PC from Unzip the file and copy the LDS Scriptures.prc file to the eBooks folder on your BlackBerry memory card. (See more details here on the process. Just don’t use the free scriptures file he provides. It doesn’t have the footnotes and the navigation is awful.)

Other free LDS books can be downloaded from LDS Pocket at or from the church’s website at

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  1. Michael P. Locascio added these words on August 24, 2009 | Permalink

    I am still looking for something that will give me the scriptures as a moving application rather than an E-book. I downloaded the Mobi–whatever and had the e-books for the 6 or 7 different LDS reading. What I found is that I could NOT look up a scripture without having to page through (either back or forward). I still believe that there is a much more robust and user friendly application that allows quick access to specific scriptures, etc. out there. There has to be!

  2. Craig added these words on August 24, 2009 | Permalink

    I’m in the same boat. It is hard to believe there isn’t something better out there. It is really frustrating.

  3. mike added these words on November 15, 2009 | Permalink

    does anyone know if priesthood manuals, like the J.S. text in current use, are available for blackberry? I have been very disappointed in the $15 lds scriptures for Mobipocket as well, archaic and frought with utility issues and overall painful to use. If anyone finds something better please post a link!!

  4. DOCZIM added these words on February 3, 2010 | Permalink

    LDS SCRIPTURES FOR blackberry storm touch screen- i have loaded the mobipockets beta version but i can not negotiatie the scriptures. Is there any thing I can do?

  5. Dennis added these words on February 18, 2010 | Permalink

    God bless you! Although it’s less flashy than the iapps, I am so glad to now have my scriptures ALL the time at my fingertips, and with references no less! I have been going thru some tough times and this is a bright moment. Fantastic! Thank you!

  6. Dan added these words on May 19, 2010 | Permalink is going to be releasing an app. Go to their site to sign up for email alerts.

  7. Courtney added these words on April 24, 2011 | Permalink

    The Blackberry Gospel Library app does not work very well, if at all.

  8. Jose Arevalo added these words on April 16, 2012 | Permalink

    do you have ahy material in Spanish?

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